Your identity

Brand is everything in an increasingly digital age.

Philosophy of brand

The brand ‘sweet spot’ is found at the intersection of your unique audience, your story, and your vision for the future. Audience—who is receiving your brand and what are their expectations? How can we design for them? Story—Where have you come from and what do you stand for? How can we capture your essence? Vision—Where do you want to be in five years? Who is your dream client? How can design get you there faster?

Your brand is your flag

Your brand is how people know you’re you. A good brand creates instant recognition, and helps distinguish you from your competitors. Get it right, and it helps people understand your business before you’ve said a word. Get it wrong, and… well, don’t get it wrong!

Our process

  • Briefing—we learn everything we can about you: your story, your dreams, your audience.
  • Ideation—we come up with a range of concepts we think could be your new brand identity.
  • Iteration—we develop your favourite concept until it’s just the way you want it.
  • Deployment—we help you roll out your new brand across all channels so you can make a splash!

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Our work

We love the craft of brand identity. Here are some of our favourite projects.

Brand FAQs

Find the answers to some of our most asked questions.

How much does a brand refresh cost?

There's no simple way to answer that question! Probably the best approach is to think about the time and thought put into it—the process. For a small business with 1-3 employees, you can afford to spend less time researching than you would for, say, a large multinational organisation.

With that said, we can provide a rough guide—most of the branding projects we do come in between $1,000 and $5,000. The former is a basic logo with two concepts to choose from, whereas the latter would be for a growing business (10-30 employees) and includes more comprehensive process. Keep in mind though, that's for the branding process itself, and doesn't include any collateral or web work.

Do you do logo design?

Yes, absolutely—though normally we would recommend that if you're going to invest in a logo, it's worth spending a little bit more to get colours and typography done (at the very least). A good logo is helpful to have, but the impact of a well thought out brand system is far more impactful.

Do you charge hourly? How do I know how much my project will cost?

We don't charge hourly—we give you a project estimate at the start and we stick to that, as long as the project stays within the agreed scope. We only charge extra if projects go past 2 change rounds, at our discretion (though we find this is rare).

Do you do a discount for non-profits?

We love working with non-profits! In fact, non-profit and social enterprise work has become something of a niche for us. As a result, we don't offer a standard 'non-profit rate'. Don't worry though, if you get in contact we can usually find a way to build exactly what you need to a given budget.

What's your availability like for branding projects?

We are usually busy (the blessing and curse of modern life) but for the right projects we can always make space. Get in touch and we'll fit you in!

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