Websites are for humans

Our philosophy in web design is all about designing for humans. That means we create front-end systems that load fast and are easy to use. It means we build back-end systems that are easy to work with for non-technical people. And we like to think they look good too.

The right technology

For most websites, we use WordPress. It powers about a third of the internet, it’s got a great library of plugins, and it’s well maintained. When you need something super-custom, we’ll use our favourite tech stack, including Vue.js, SASS, and Webpack.

Why Caffeine Powered?

  • Your website is built from scratch—themes can work great, but tailor-made is best.
  • We do all our development in-house—we take pride in the parts you do see, and you don’t.
  • We build for the long-run—our goal is that you won’t have to call us anymore, because you can look after your site yourself.

Our process

  • Briefing—we learn everything we can about your audience, your organisation, and your unique needs.
  • Design—we’ll provide an interactive visual mockup of your tailor-made website.
  • Development—we hand-code your creation into the final product.
  • Deployment—we’ll handle the technical side, so you can focus on telling people about your great new website!

Get Caffeine Powered

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Our work

Here are some of our favourite web projects.

Web design FAQs

Answers to some of our most common questions.

How much does a website cost?

There's no easy answer to that question—it depends what you want! Pricing mainly comes down to functionality, or in other words, how much you want the website to be able to do. We can do a 1-page, hard-coded landing page starting from $1,000 (for a lot of businesses, that's all you need). Custom Wordpress themes start around $4,000, but if you want lots of extra features (think events calendar, resources library, membership, etc) that's more around $6,000-8,000+.

The best option is always to get in touch, so we can help you find a perfect solution that fits your budget.

What's your availability like for web projects?

We are usually busy (the blessing and curse of modern life) but for the right projects we can always make space. Get in touch and we'll fit you in!

Do you do a discount for non-profits?

We love working with non-profits! In fact, non-profit and social enterprise work has become something of a niche for us. As a result, we don't offer a standard 'non-profit rate'. Don't worry though, if you get in contact we can usually find a way to build exactly what you need to a given budget.

Do you charge hourly? How do I know how much my project will cost?

We don't charge hourly—we give you a project estimate at the start and we stick to that, as long as the project stays within the agreed scope. We only charge extra if projects go past 2 change rounds, at our discretion (though we find this is rare).

Do you build your websites in house?

Yes! The whole process is done in-house, unless we are bringing in a specialist (e.g. animator, video producer). This means our designs are always possible to build, and we know every line of code in your theme (which makes support a LOT quicker!). We never outsource code to cut rate developers in distant countries.

Do you host websites?

Yes, though usually only websites we build. Our hosting packages don't compete with most dedicated web hosts, so we'd be happy to help you find one that's good value, and we can help you move it if you like.

Our hosting becomes excellent value for websites we build because it allows us to bundle in ongoing support.

I'm a designer, do you do development only?

We can, but it depends. Best bet is to get in touch, and if we can't help you we'll help you find someone that can!

Let’s grab a brew

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Our specialties

We do all sorts of work from all kinds of disciplines—but this is where we shine.