It all started in a coffee shop back in 2015. A lot has changed since then, but our name is definitely not misleading. This agency is powered by caffeine.

Caffeine Powered is mostly the work of Sydney based designer and developer, Chris Gresham-Britt. While working part time at a leading Sydney content agency, he would spend his off-days working in coffee shops on freelance gigs and side projects. As these coffee-shop expeditions evolved into more of a full-time venture, Chris eventually left the corporate life behind to start his own thing. While less work is done in actual coffee shops these days, the whole enterprise is very much dependent on the little molecule that you’ll find in our logo (yep, that’s what it is!).

With an ever-expanding network of digital and creative specialists, Caffeine Powered has developed an effective, scalable model to deliver for its clients. Though we specialise in brand, web, and digital consulting projects, the reality is that modern digital marketing encompasses a range of disciplines. To meet this demand, we pull together a crack team on a per-project basis. Using this model, our approach is to bridge the gap between agency-level service and freelance-level pricing.

Caffeine Powered continues to work with all kinds of forward-thinking people and businesses. Our own clients include startups, other agencies, non-profits, consultants, and finance companies. Some of our subcontracted work (we can’t show you on this site, but let us know if you’re curious) is for some of Australia’s most recognisable brands. However, as a strongly values-driven business, we have developed somewhat of a niche in non-profit and social sectors.

While Caffeine Powered has continued to grow since its conception back in 2015, our approach has remained unashamedly boutique. We take on a limited number of projects that align with our values and inspire our creativity. If you are passionate about what you do and want a next-level brand, website, or digital strategy, let’s do coffee and dream together.


Values can be a bit of a corporate buzzword, but for us, our guiding principles are actually really important. We believe in the power of business done right, so we work to the following principles:

  • Integrity—doing the right thing, even when no one is watching
  • Excellence—doing things to the highest standard we can
  • Positivity—seeing the best in people and situations
  • Responsibility—owning our successes and our shortcomings

Let’s grab a brew

Interested in working together? The first step is go get in touch and we’ll line up a free consultation to work out the best way forward.

Our specialties

We do all sorts of work from all kinds of disciplines—but this is where we shine.