Hosting and maintenance

Website care plans

Let us lovingly nurture your site so it serves you for years to come. Our care plans include everything you need to keep it running, including on-tap support when you need it.

Self-love for your website

Our packages


15 mins per month support

Standard support pricing

Basic website optimisation

5gb web storage

Unlimited traffic

Hourly backup points

Managed WordPress

Australian hosted


(or $50/mo)


30 mins per month support

10% off extra support hours

Standard speed optimisation

10gb web storage

Unlimited traffic

Hourly backup points

Managed WordPress

Australian hosted


(or $100/mo)

Double Espresso

1 hour per month support

20% off extra support hours

Advanced performance optimisation

20gb web storage

Unlimited traffic

Hourly backup points

Managed WordPress

Australian hosted


(or $200/mo)

Got questions?

Care plan FAQs

Which package should I choose?

This really comes down to two questions: (1) how much support do you need, and (2) how critical is website performance? Our ‘Ristretto’ plan is perfect for most brochure websites, if you’re happy to make updates yourself. Our ‘Espresso’ and ‘Double Espresso’ plans work better if you want more hands-on support. They also offer greater speed and capacity for websites where speed and scalability are mission-critical.

What does the monthly support allocation cover?

Your monthly support allocation covers anything reasonably connected to the routine maintenance of your website. This could include supporting you in updating the website, publishing blog posts, updating text and images, or adding new plugins to the site. As part of the package, we’ll also make sure all your plugins and WordPress core stay up to date. We take the pressure off website maintenance so you can do what you do best.

Will you look after my existing website?

We normally only host websites we built, however, if you’re interested in using our service get in touch and we can see if your site would suit our setup.

Is your hosting platform secure?

It’s impossible to guarantee a website won’t get hacked — however, we use a range of standard measures to keep your site as safe as possible. These usually include things like SSL encryption (loading your site over HTTPS), malware scanning, 2-factor authentication, DDOS protection, and spam protection. We’ll also regularly update your WordPress software, and keep backup points in case you need them.

Do you have a fair use policy?

To ensure equitable access to services for all clients, we operate a fair use policy. This means that service is provided on a ‘best effort’ basis. We reserve the right to refuse unreasonable or unworkable requests.

The fair use policy also applies to website availability. Server resources are shared, and large or unexpected volumes of traffic can lead to speed or availability issues. In these situations, we can either temporarily upgrade your website’s capacity, or recommend a more suitable ongoing plan.

Where are your servers located?

Your site will live on a server in Sydney, Australia. Depending on the plan chosen, we may also set up a global content delivery network (CDN) to serve international visitors content from a closer location.


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