Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals

The Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals (the AACP) is a group of professionals that want to help people solve their disputes outside of court. They knew they would need a strong web presence to raise awareness of their services and mission, so prior to their launch they chose Caffeine Powered to create a useful and attractive website.

We were contracted to build a fully customised WordPress website with a number of advanced functions. The site needed to be easily navigable and suitable for members of the general public, as well as meet the complex needs of members of the AACP. They needed a site that could handle subscriptions, members-only content, a newsletter, and publicly viewable profiles.

In addition to this, we identified an opportunity to merge the website’s membership capability with the Association’s application process – allowing members to manage their own subscriptions and saving the organisation a considerable amount of manual paperwork.

We build a custom WordPress theme for the AACP and integrated a paid membership subscription, meeting their initial requirements for the website and moving their (previously labour intensive) membership process online.