Cabramatta Vineyard Church

Cabramatta Vineyard Church (affectionally known as ‘Cabra’) is a community serving the Cabramatta area in Southwestern Sydney. With a growing congregation and a number of ministries in the region, they recognised a need to upgrade their website.

As a mission-focused, fast-moving organisation they needed the ability to easily keep their website up to date and provide members with current information. They also wanted to make it easy for newcomers to find and connect with their church.

When Caffeine Powered was given the opportunity to build a new website for Cabra Vineyard, we focused on creating a site that was easy for users to navigate and find relevant information. A central location for resources was designed with straightforward administration in mind, to reduce the workload for the Cabra Vineyard team. The church’s desire to serve their local community is reflected in the photos of the area incorporated across the website.