Face Dementia

Dementia is a leading cause of premature death in Australians. Yet early detection and intervention makes a huge different to health outcomes. Face Dementia is a collaboration between a number of Australia’s leading universities. The campaign seeks to encourage people to go to their GP and get tested early.

Working with their brand agency, translators, and in-house writers we designed and built a website focused on usability for older people. To maximise usability we considered factors like:

  • A tailored site for Chinese- and English-speaking audiences
  • Careful navigation and menu design
  • Ensuring usability and appropriate contrast ratios
  • Mobile performance and responsive design
  • Functional search
  • Ease of use for the team to keep the website updated

The English and Chinese language campaigns have both launched and people in Western Sydney and Adelaide are now being educated on the benefits of an early diagnosis of dementia.