Poetry in Action

Poetry in Action is a non-profit theatre company which aims to unlock the power of words for people across Australia. With an innovative offering of school, corporate, and online programs, they help their students bring poetry to life through the power of performance.

Caffeine Powered was initially brought on to build new pages and features on PIA’s existing website. Although the front end of the site was beautiful and easy for its customers to use, it was built using a platform that was difficult and time-consuming to maintain. We quickly realised that it would be in the PIA team’s best interest to rebuild the website on a new platform, so we created a custom WordPress theme.

Since re-launching the site, PIA’s in-house team have been able to easily add and update pages as needed. We have remained available to provide assistance when required through Caffeine Powered’s support plan, as well as create brand new features for the site, like their online learning platform.