REECH Cambodia

REECH Cambodia is an Australian charity whose purpose is to resource, equip, and educate young people to help break the cycle of poverty in Cambodia. 

While very much a grassroots organisation, REECH recognised the need to legitimise its operations via a website. In partnering with Caffeine Powered, their focus was on providing a reliable source of information on governance and how individuals can help. To address this need, we designed a website that would:

  • Provide key information in a simple and organised way
  • Allow users to find news and updates from the charity
  • Help people understand how to get involved
  • Be easy to use
  • Let users give online via a form
  • Be easy to update

Since launching the website, REECH’s founders have experienced a dramatic reduction in the number of repetitive requests for information. They continue to partner with Caffeine Powered for ongoing hosting and support.