Integrity Plus is an accounting and bookkeeping firm with a strong conscience. They partnered with Caffeine Powered Creative to design a new logo that reflected their approach.

The centrepiece of our solution was a compass device, symbolising the firm’s commitment to reliable advice. The negative space inside the compass creates a plus symbol, linking back to the company’s name. In addition, we created a concise A3 style guide for the wall of their office, allowing Integrity Plus to achieve consistency in all their visual communication.

I knew Chris but I initially tried to go the “cheap” route to get a logo. And of course I hated all of them. Chris gave me three logos that I loved and then we tweaked the one that we both like to make it even better. I just love the logo and I tell everyone who needs a brand refresh to use Caffeine Powered.

Scott Kay – Director, Integrity Plus Accounting

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